A Prepared for Garment Dye solution fully made in Europe

ECODESK is a PFGD finish totally made in Europe ensuring social responsibility, environmental awareness and transparency.

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What is Ecodesk?

Optimal treatment can make the difference in the efficiency
of the textile process chain (pretreatment, dyeing, printing or finishing). ECODESK is a PFGD (Prepared for Garment Dye) solution fully made in Europe that offers social and environmental benefits.

What are the benefits of CHT collaboration?

Thanks to professional synergy with other responsible partners, Textil Santanderina helps you to achieve your sustainability goals.
CHT chemicals collaboration offers:

Responsible production process

When you choose the ECODESK finish, you can potentially save water, energy and carbon emissions because of its short circuit production based on proximity and sustaninability.

ecodesk-finish-process-1162x466px process
1 The reduction obtained depends on the combinations of processes and technologies and these vary greatly. The figure for reduction can therefore vary too.
2 The calculations set out are for a 2,000 m batch of fabric of 440 g/m. A figure of 25 g of CO2 per tonne is calculated for sea transport and 105 g CO2 for lorry transport. The distance from Asia is assumed to be approximately 16,800 km and from Europe 1,500 km. This figure depends on many factors and can vary greatly.
The ECODESK finish is guaranteed by Textil Santanderina and CHT.

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