Get out of conventional,
it’s time to grab everyone’s attention!

Mellow Dye, enjoy our two in one!

This is a double dyeing process using reactive and pigment dyestuff, in two steps. Pigment dyestuff fades during washing and will create a dual shade effect, variable depending on the wash.

Magic Dye, like nothing else

Like Mellow Dye, our Magic Dye combines reactive and pigment dyestuff. Both can be customised and fixed in a unique way, to give each customer a personalised, inimitable dual-color look.

Super Natural, dress as you feel inside

Range of reactive colors in Iris dyestuff (highly sustainable), very soft to the touch, with an almost furry feel.

Santanderina in collaboration with:

Arid, brings out the grittier side

The reactive-dyed base is covered with a low colour-fastness pigment finish to achieve playful, faded contrasts.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in these Textil Santanderina finishes, please get in touch with us.


Other textile solutions

Paper Velvet Touch

Smooth feel and revamped look for traditional fabrics