The natural power of vitamin-rich seaweed textiles

SEATEX are sustainable fabrics that combines SeaCellTM fiber with other preferred fibers, like Lenzing LyocellTM, and other recycled materials.

Responsible fabrics

What is SEATEX?

SeaCellTM fiber is the result of a sustainable production method and the unique ecosystem of Icelandic waters. It is made by mixing crushed seaweed with a fiber derived from wood pulp.

SeaCellTM fibers blend easily with other types of materials (like Lenzing LyocellTM, and recycled materials like recycled cotton or S360º recycled fibers) creating innovative, comfortable, soft fabrics, which care for the skin, regulate body temperature and are breathable.

What are the benefits of SEATEX?

Seaweed fabrics offer a great deal of comfort and other permanent benefits to anyone wearing them:

How it works?

Seaweeds give the fabrics health-giving minerals and vitamins to the skin. The careful non-chemical processing of SeaCellTM allow the material to retain its nutrients. Therefore, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, and plenty of antioxidants are locked inside the fibers and consequently into wearable fabrics.

Responsible production process

The plant (known as brown seaweed or knotted wrack) is processed and mixed with cellulose to create the fabrics from the ocean.

Iris dyeing process

Santanderina in collaboration with:

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