Flow your fabrics and say goodbye to industrial laundries

Flow is a sustainable process that gives fabrics a clean, elegant look, a soft feel and increased durability without the need to send them to an industrial laundry first.

Why Flow?

The great contribution of the Flow process, created by Santanderina, is that it allows textile treatments and finishes on fabric in the piece equivalent to those obtained on garments in industrial laundries. It uses a process integrated into the preparation and dyeing of the fabric.

Flow ensures finished fabrics in garments are clean, with volume and a pleasant feel. It also contributes to greater durability (hardwearing).

Applicable to natural fibres of plant origin, such as cotton, linen, etc. and artificial fibres derived from cellulose, such as TencelTM, Viscose, acetate and Modal.

Flow provides a cleaner appearance and reduces pilling.

A sustainable process

Flow is a process applicable directly to the piece during finishing, so it is not necessary to send the fabric to an industrial laundry first. This is a sustainable process that is part of Santanderina’s FIBERCLEAN project, which prevents loose fibres from fabrics from reaching wastewater through washing. Thanks to a new filtration system, these fibres are recovered, reducing waste volume during the process to a minimum.

FLOW process
Traditional process

Green benefits

Flow is an innovative process that promotes more sustainable and environmentally friendly textile production. The entire process is designed to minimise water and chemical consumption, optimise electricity and heat consumption, and reduce your carbon footprint. Saving transport costs also means saving time, money and environmental pollution.

Note: To calculate consumption in trousers, 1.3 m is assumed, with a width of 1.5 m and a weight of 345 g/m. The calculations shown are for a batch of fabric measuring 2,000 m which is 1.5 m wide and weighs 345 g/m. The consumption figures are average data obtained from industrial processes and there may be small variations depending on the technologies used by the finisher and the industrial laundry. The transport and packaging processes have not been taken into account in the calculation. The conventional process involves preparation by the finisher (PFD, Prepared For Dyeing), plus garment dyeing by an industrial laundry.

The Flow process forms part of the FIBERCLEAN project.


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