Weaving solutions for change

We are committed to developing a new ecosystem, where we want to build a sustainable textile world that is environmentally friendly and socially egalitarian, through innovation and by establishing stable relationships, based on transparency and ethics.

Achieving sustainable textile solutions requires rigorously addressing the impact we generate today, reducing greenhouse gas emissionsand the carbon footprint,  optimizing the use of resources, and developing traceable and environmentally friendly production processes.

Textiles for change

Reducing plastic waste

We manufacture recycled polyester fabrics that contribute to reducing the plastic waste generated.

Contributing to a cleaner sea

We have created a line of recycled polyester fabrics contributing to a cleaner sea.

Empowering natural materials

We have committed ourselves to alternative, natural and organic raw materials to reduce the use of synthetic materials.

Developing sustainable fabrics

We have created a line of environmentally friendly, sustainable fabrics and textile solutions.

Processes for change

Less water

We optimize water management with more sustainable manufacturing processes and we are progressing towards a new culture of water as an ecological and social asset.

Less chemicals

We optimize and reduce the use of colorants and chemical products.

Innovations for change

Reducing microplastics

We have developed an innovative project to reduce from washing reaching the ocean.

Creating 360º closed circuits

We are moving torward closed-circuit recycling – “End-of-life” products are used to make the next ones.

Less energy

We have reduced overall energy consumption in all our production processes. We also believe in renewable energies.

Less CO2 emissions

We reduce global CO2 global emissions with the optimization of processes, the reduction of energy consumption and the use of renewable energies.

Less wastewater

We have improved our wastewater management With our water treatment plant, we return 85% of what we consume to watercourses.

Less materials waste

We have internal recycling programs for waste fibres, yarns and fabrics.


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