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68% of LYCRA® T400® fibre content is made from recycled and plant-based material. This innovation can add eco-responsibility to stretch fabrics.

What is LYCRA® T400®?

LYCRA® T400® fibre with EcoMade technology offers the same benefits of lasting comfort, shape, fit and performance, but with the addition of enhanced sustainability too. LYCRA® T400® technology can be applied to any fabric.

18% of the fibre content is made from plant-based material.

50% of the fibre content is made from recycled PET.

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What are the benefits of LYCRA® T400®?

LYCRA® T400®, based on multi-component technology, has revolutionised the comfort, hand, wrinkle resistance and easy care of contemporary fabrics.

Responsible production process

LYCRA® T400® is a sustainable fashion option that reduces carbon footprint and waste in the fabric production process.

Lycra T400 Ecomade production process

You can pair LYCRA® T400® it with a sustainable rigid fibre offerings such as BCI cotton, TENCELTM fibre or others to amplify their eco-friendly messaging.

Suitable for everything from lightweight jean leggings to traditional heavy denim.

LYCRA® EcoMade is a certified product that ensure transparency, safety and company compliance.

Santanderina is one of the exclusive the LYCRA Company partners in the LYCRA® Ecomade, LYCRA® T400® EcoMade and Coolmax® EcoMade distribution chain. This co-operation is a guarantee of quality, traceability and transparency.

Eco-friendly certification based on composition percentages

Official certification

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