Circular, upcycled and 100% sustainable

Refibra™ is a revolutionary textile solution by Lenzing using pre & post consumer cotton waste combined with Tencel™ Lyocell fibers. Fully sustainable. Fully traceable.

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What is RefibraTM?

REFIBRA™ is a new generation of ecological fabrics made of upcycled cotton scraps from pre & post consumer cotton waste and Lenzing™ Lyocell fibers coming from wood pulp. Refibra™ fabrics are naturally soft and gente on the skin, breathable, and compostable.

Wood from sustainably managed forests.

Cotton scraps from pre-consumer and post-consumer sources.

What are the benefits of RefibraTM fabrics?

REFIBRA™ technology contributes to the circular economy in the textile industry and improves supply chain transparency.

production process

Fibres produced with REFIBRA™ technology have up to 50 per cent recycled content from post-consumer waste without compromising the high-quality fibres.

REFIBRA production process

20 per-cent of pulp produced from cotton scraps is blended with wood pulp.

RefibraTM technology can be identified in fabrics using an innovative identification technology designed to confirm fibre origin.

Santanderina is one of the exclusive Lenzing partners in Refibra™ distribution chain.This co-operation is a guarantee of quality, traceability and transparency.

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