Fluid, rustic look with linen


New Douten is a textile solution based on double TENCEL® and a new TS spinning system.

What is New Douten?

New Douten are silky and light fabrics with an extrasoft touch. When you choose New Douten fabrics you can potentially save water, energy and carbon emissions.

Responsible production process

The new TS spinning system maintains two separate strands during the spinning process, and this allows a number of fibre-binding mechanisms to operate before the strands are twisted around each other.

Recommended for four seasons fabrics.

New Douten fabrics and the new TS spinning system are guaranteed by Textil Santanderina.

Responsible production process

LYCRA® T400® is a sustainable fashion option that reduces carbon footprint and waste in the fabrics production process.

Santanderina is one of the exclusive The LYCRA Company partners in LYCRA® T400® EcoMade distribution chain. This co-operation is a guarantee of quality, traceability and transparency.

Want to know more?

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