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Lycra EcoMade

LYCRA® EcoMade fibre diverts pre-consumer LYCRA® waste by putting it back into production.

Responsible fabrics

What is LYCRA® EcoMade?

LYCRA® EcoMade is an elastane/spandex fibre made with pre-consumer recycled materials. It offers the same lasting comfort and fit as the original LYCRA® fibre.

Made with LYCRA® waste collected and blended with virgin fibre.

Fully traceable and eco-responsible production.

What are the benefits of LYCRA® EcoMade fabrics?

LYCRA® EcoMade is a more sustainable option for stretch fabrics that reduce carbon footprint and waste.

Responsible production process

LYCRA® fibre waste is collected and blended with virgin fibre at specific concentrations, resulting in a stretch denim that contains pre-consumer waste.

LYCRA EcoMades production process

LYCRA® EcoMade offers comfort and freedom of movement.

LYCRA® EcoMade is a certified product that ensure transparency, safety and company compliance.

Santanderina is one of the exclusive The LYCRA Company partners in the Lycra® Ecomade, Lycra® T400® EcoMade and Coolmax® EcoMade distribution chain. This co-operation is a guarantee of quality, traceability and transparency.

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