Fabrics with
negative ions that
recharge you


EmotIONS are fabrics charged with negative ions that are released while in contact with the skin.

What is EmotIONS?

Negative ions (-) are produced in nature spontaneously due to meteorological phenomena, cosmic radiation or weather conditions (storms, lightning, winds, etc.) and by radiation from the earth and many other causes.
When negative charges (-) predominate, it favors relaxation and the good functioning of our organism.
Now, thanks to EmotIONS, this can be reproduced on fabrics to wear the best of nature and fashion.

What are the benefits of EmotIONS?

Our advanced finish EmotIONS charges fabrics with negative ions.
This advanced textile solution offers direct well-being benefits.

How it works?

EmotIONS fabrics are charged with negative ions that are released throughout the day while in contact with the skin offering direct wellbeing benefits.

EmotIONS is guaranteed by Textil Santanderina and Adrasa.

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