Smooth feel and revamped look for traditional fabrics

Paper Velvet Touch is an special treatment that offers fabrics a dense, short-fibre appearance, like peach skin.

What is Paper Velvet Touch?

With Paper Velvet Touch treatment, traditional fabrics are worked in an absolutely modern way for a new look and a unique feel.

Revamped look for organic cottons, recycled cottons and TencelTM fabrics.

Suitable for use with ecological dyes (Iris, Ecolandye Pluss).

What are the benefits of Paper Velvet Touch?

When you choose Paper Velvet Touch for your fabrics, you
can potentially save water, energy and carbon emissions.

Responsible production process

Paper Velvet Touch is based on a sustainable physical process with brushes (sandpaper is not used).

seaqual yarn production process
Sustainability inputs

The physical treatment of the fabric gives it a characteristic feel.

Want to know more?

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