Super-ecological dyeing

Ecolandye Pluss is a new super-ecological dyeing system that does not require water in the process.

Responsible fabrics

What is Ecolandye Pluss?

Ecolandye Pluss is a highly sustainable dyeing concept that meets all fastness requirements, depending on the colour and base fabric. This revolutionary achievement, combined with a new range of sulphur dyes, gives fabrics a new look, with interesting colour intensities.

0% water consumption
in the dyeing process.

Eco-friendly dyeing process.

What are the benefits of Ecolandye Pluss dyeing?

When you choose Ecolandye Pluss instead of a conventional dyeing, you can potentially save water, energy and carbon emissions.

Responsible dyeing process

Ecolandye Pluss process entails a significant reduction in water consumption, compared to a similar process. The figures given are theoretical, pending further confirmation of various production processes.

Ecolandye Pluss dyeing process

Ecolandye Pluss is suitable for modern mechanical and chemical wash-down technologies like laser, ozone, etc.

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