A cleaner coloration for authentic black denim

Exclusive sulfur black technology with outstanding resource savings.

Responsible fabrics

What is Advanced Black?

Advanced Black is our range of authentic black denim that boasts outstanding resource savings. Developed in collaboration with Archroma, this range is colored with Diresul® Evolution Black, Archroma’s groundbreaking black sulfur dye that is cleaner than ever before, and delivers authentic black denim effects and beyond.

What are the benefits of Advanced Black?

Advanced Black offers unique shade and wash-down behavior compared to standard black providing new, innovative aesthetics.

Responsible production process

Advanced Black is our range of authentic black denim developed with safe products from Archroma who complies with international safety standards.

Archroma’s new synthesis technology, used in Diresul® Evolution Black, offers an overall impact reduction of 57%* as compared to the synthesis of benchmark Sulfur Black 1 dyestuff.

* Life Cycle Analysis (UNE-EN ISO 14044:2006 ) at the synthesis stage. ReCiPe 2016 Impact calculation methodology by Ecoterrae.

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