Passion for fabrics since 1923

Textil Santanderina is a cutting-edge company located in Cantabria and one of the textile benchmarks for quality and service. The company is customer-focused and has an extensive product range that includes everything from cotton classics to the latest innovations using technical fibres.

Fashion design unit

Textil Santanderina’s fashion business unit has a creative and innovative design department oriented toward responsible textile solutions. The design team essentially develops the process of creating new fabrics and new textile solutions and improves the fabrics that are already manufactured by the company.

The company has a vertical supply chain for the complete manufacture of fabrics with controlled traceability. A superb level of coordination between its various production centres enables us to supply processed products at any stage of production, with any type of finish.

ModalMic process

Innovative textile solutions

Quality, traceability and innovation are concepts around which all the company’s processes revolve, with a view to ensuring that customers are fully satisfied. Textil Santanderina works ceaselessly to develop new textiles solutions. The company analyses the requirements of clothing manufacturers in order to adapt the creation of its products to its customers.

Textil Santanderina has set up strict quality control systems in all the industrial processes involved in its production activities. Quality levels are therefor optimal at every stage of production. Its efforts have been rewarded with the leading quality certification.


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