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Naturdye is an innovative dyeing process based on colours obtained from leaves and non-edible nutshells (renewable, eco-friendly colourants).

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What is Naturdye dyeing?

The Naturdye dyeing process is based on renewable, sustainable, eco-friendly colourants. The Naturdye range of dyes is transformed using up to 100% of raw materials from natural waste.

-20% water consumption
in the dyeing process.

-40% energy consumption
in the dyeing process.

What are the benefits of Naturdye dyeing?

When you choose Naturdye instead of conventional dyeing, you can potentially save water, energy and carbon emissions.

Responsible dyeing process

The Naturdye dyeing process entails a significant reduction in water consumption, compared to a similar process. The figures given are theoretical, pending further confirmation of various production processes.

Naturdye dyeing process

Ecolandye Pluss is suitable for modern mechanical and chemical wash-down technologies like laser, ozone, etc.

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