Protection and comfort for a sustainable active lifestyle

TACTIVE is a special coating that offers the perfect combination of protection and comfort.

What is TACTIVE eco-finish?

Tactive finish is a bio-based stain repellent technology that repels water and water-based stains without impacting feel or breathability.

The outer surface of the fabric is treated with a hydrophobic finish, making it stain-repellent and water-repellent.

The hydrophilic inner surface promotes absorbance and distribution of perspiration, which will not be visible on the outside.

What are the benefits of TACTIVE eco-finish?

TACTIVE is more durable than other water-repellent finishes and its production leaves a smaller environmental footprint.

Responsible production process

TACTIVE is based on Teflon EcoElite™, a non-fluoridated treatment for fabrics that is water-repellent, highly sustainable and comes from renewable sources.

TACTIVE finish process

TACTIVE maintain fabric breathability and comfort.

TACTIVE is based on Teflon EcoElite™

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