100% recycled
100% technical

Tecknit are technical knit fabrics made from recycled materials that offers fast absorption, fast drying and odour-free features.

What is Tecknit?

Tecknit technology is based on high-performance recycled polyester yarns for wicking moisturising and silver ions with bacteriostatic properties.

100% recycled fabric.
Quality recycled polyester from plastic waste and post-consumer plastic bottles.

100% technical fabric.
Silver ions to create a high-end technical yarn with lots of features.

What are the benefits of Tecknit fabrics?

When you choose Tecknit fabrics, you can potentially save water, energy and carbon emissions.

Responsible production process

Plastic bottles are collected, cleaned, ground up into flakes, and made into chips, which are then spun into fibre and yarn, and finally woven into fabrics.

tecknit production process

Tecknit fabrics offer excellent breathability.

Tecknit is a textile solution in collaboration with Lavtec.

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