Enjoy a dyed denim look

Indye is a continuous ecodyeing process that imitates the effect obtained in a denim fabric.

What is Indye dyeing?

Indye is a dyeing process that gives fabrics an authentic denim look obtaining washing effects similar to denim.

Suitable for all kind of cellulose-type fibres: cotton, viscose, TencelTM, etc.

Fully traceable and more sustainable dyeing process.

What are the benefits of Indye dyeing?

When you choose Indye instead of a conventional dyeing, you can potentially save water, energy and carbon emissions.

Responsible production process

The Indye’s process is carried out with sulphurous dyeing with an improved dye fixing system.

Indye dyeing process

Indye gives fabrics a similar effect to that obtained with ordinary denim made with thread dyed with indigo.

Want to know more?

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