Circular textile solutions for a better world

Santanderina is commited to more ecological, natural and responsible textile business and works to drive circular economy solutions in the textile world. That means the creation of textile solutions beyond functionality, stressing the whole product cycle and its environmental impact, from the selection of materials with natural or sustainable origin to the final development of biodegradable or reusable fabrics.

Recycling resources

We have developed efficient internal plans for optimise, reusing and recycling resources

We have reduced the generation of waste and we have improved their management

We have reduced energy and water consumption in all our production processes

We have reduced CO2 atmospheric emissions achieving cleaner production

commitment to the planet

We make textiles with/for companies that share our commitment to the planet

We are commited to human rights and we have been a signatory of the UN Global Compact

We work with many NGOs and social, sporting, educational and cultural organisations in our commitment to society

Green sustainable materials

We have made a clear commitment to green, sustainable materials in our fabrics

We use ecological dyes and chemicals that meet REACH criteria

We work to ensure global traceability

We carry out quality, safety and environmental audits to ensure the company is developing responsibly