Ever since its creation, Santanderina has been deeply committed to society where humanitarian, cultural and ecological issues are concerned. The company therefore participates in numerous local and global projects involving humanitarian and social action in sports, training, culture and solidarity.

Working with and for people

We feel committed to human rights. For this reason we work for equal pay and responsibility between the sexes, we work with many NGOs to protect human rights at work, and, for some years, we have been a signatory of the UN Global Compact.

Exporting social responsibility

We have production plants in developing countries. There we export our know-how and create quality jobs while always respecting the workers’ human rights.

Working rights commitment

We maintain permanent dialogue with governments, leaders, trade unions and NGOs to improve the position of workers in the textile industry and plan a more committed future for the sector.

Commited partners

We make textiles for companies that share our commitment to the planet: companies that believe in a more responsible way of doing things. With them, we are moving forward towards more sustainable, ethical fashion.

Textile solidarity

Committed, as we always have been, to our society, we give tonnes of textiles every year to charitable causes, as well as working with many NGOs and social, sporting and cultural organisations both locally and internationally.

Santanderina collaborates with:

Fundación Isaac Albéniz

Fundación Anidan

Fundación AFIM

Fundación AMAT

Fundación Obras San Martín

Portal Solidario

Cáritas Parroquial

Asociación AMICA

Asociación Santa Luisa Marillac

Club Futbol Textil Escudo

Club Futbol Santiago Galas

Club Voleibol Textil Santanderina

Escuela de bolos Borsal Textil

Peña Bolos Borsal Textil

Federación Cántabra de Bolos

Club Atletismo Villa de Cabezón

Coral Voces Cántabras

Fiestas Mazcuerras

Fiestas Ontoria

Fiestas General Vigón

Parroquia Cabezón de la Sal

Parroquia Ontoria

Residencia Carrejo

Residencia Terán