Industrial investment project

Industrial investment project 2014-2015 for the optimization and promotion of competitiveness.

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FIELD (Fabric Improved Against Electrostatic Discharge)

FIELD (Fabric Improved against ELectrostatic Discharge) is a R&D project that will allow Techs to obtain new antistatic fabrics (ESD) and electrically conductive fabrics for both Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and technical applications.

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GRAFENTEX National Project

GRAFENTEX National Project cofunded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO), through the convening Challenges- Collaboration 2013-2016. CTC and Textil Santanderina take part in an innovation project based on the optimisation of graphene production and its application in the fire resistant technical textile. The project, named GRAFENTEX, will allow to produce fire resistan textiles with a low environmental impact and high performance to Textil Santanderina, and will reinforce the european leadership of the company of Cantabria in the technical textile sector.

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